About us

Dear friends,

We know all about rings for birds. We sell the pigeon rings since 2003. We produce aluminium and plastic rings using best quality materials and special technology. Different sizes of the rings will fit for your birds. 

Enird Skendi / 15/09/2020
Thank you so much for the amazing rings making ..
Grant Gilman / 12/08/2020
Thank you. Very good quality rings...
Chris Arapa from Malta / 16/07/2020
Thanks. Excellent rings. ..
Jose Brito / 22/05/2020
Your bird rings are fantastic and very good quality !!!! This is my third time I order from you ! I'm very happy with the rings ! Thanks..
Grant / 21/05/2020
Got the bands today and they look great. Thank you so much. ..
Edward Schrijvers / 18/04/2020
Top quality by ZDS company! Thank you for service!..