About us

Dear friends,

We know all about rings for birds. We sell the pigeon rings since 2003. We produce aluminium and plastic rings using best quality materials and special technology. Different sizes of the rings will fit for your birds. 

Łukasz Jakubowicz / 02/11/2019
Thanks very nice job perfect. ..
Rob Crook / 01/09/2019
This is the supplier of my rings & Im going into my 4th year with ZDS now. Excellent quality, the best I have seen. & very reliable. I have recommended ZDS as a ring supplier to numerous breeders acro..
Thaiman Obeidi / 10/04/2019
Thank you so much i recieved the product. And i am very happy with it...
Cristi Cristian / 26/02/2019
Thanks, good condition!..
Darren Aldridge / 24/02/2019
The rings arrived thank you. They are very good and will be ordering some more..
Elisa Rossi / 13/02/2019
good quality , Best price ..