Jose Brito / 22/05/2020
Your bird rings are fantastic and very good quality !!!!
This is my third time I order from you !
I'm very happy with the rings !
Grant / 21/05/2020
Got the bands today and they look great. Thank you so much.
Edward Schrijvers / 18/04/2020
Top quality by ZDS company! Thank you for service!
Pete Durham / 18/02/2020
Thank you so very much for the excellent rings the quality is outstanding
Mario Filipovic / 06/02/2020
Dear ,rings have arrived, i am very satisfied with the quality and speed of delivery thanks and all the best
Łukasz Jakubowicz / 02/11/2019
Thanks very nice job perfect.
Rob Crook / 01/09/2019
This is the supplier of my rings & Im going into my 4th year with ZDS now. Excellent quality, the best I have seen. & very reliable. I have recommended ZDS as a ring supplier to numerous breeders across the world, they have always been very happy with the quality/price of their rings whatever country they live in. . .. .. . Zds do I get a discount for my good review of you? . . .. Only joking, for the quality of your rings they are worth every penny.
Thaiman Obeidi / 10/04/2019
Thank you so much i recieved the product.
And i am very happy with it.
Cristi Cristian / 26/02/2019
Thanks, good condition!
Darren Aldridge / 24/02/2019
The rings arrived thank you. They are very good and will be ordering some more
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