Rashid Azeem / 20/04/2021
today i received parcel, i checked everything is perfect, thank you very much
Steven Baker / 10/04/2021
I can agree top quality rings and fast postage to the uk
Liam / 14/01/2021
what I was looking for for my birds. I like the quality of the rings and the fast delivery
Peter / 13/01/2021
beautiful rings for pigeons. I like it, I will buy more.
Mike Berndt / 24/11/2020
Just wanted to let you know I got my bands today. They look awesome. Thank you! I will be ordering from you in the future for sure.
Rob Crook / 31/10/2020
I have used ZDS for about 4 years now. Based in Bulgaria. Their rings are spot on & delivery is always on time. I also know a lot of breeders all over the world that also use Zds & would always recommend them
Enird Skendi / 15/09/2020
Thank you so much for the amazing rings making
Grant Gilman / 12/08/2020
Thank you. Very good quality rings.
Chris Arapa from Malta / 16/07/2020
Thanks. Excellent rings.
Jose Brito / 22/05/2020
Your bird rings are fantastic and very good quality !!!!
This is my third time I order from you !
I'm very happy with the rings !
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