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High-Quality Aluminum Construction:

Crafted from premium aluminum, these rings provide a lightweight yet sturdy solution for safely tagging your birds without adding unnecessary weight.

Laser-Engraved Precision:

Each ring features precise, laser-engraved details that can include numbers, letters, or even custom text. This high-resolution engraving ensures clarity and longevity of the information, crucial for tracking and identification purposes.

Versatile Fit:

Available in various diameters to suit a wide range of bird species, from the smallest finches to larger parakeets and poultry. The perfect fit ensures comfort for your birds and security for your peace of mind.

Durability Meets Style:

Not only are these rings durable enough to withstand the daily activities of your birds, but they also come in a variety of colors to add a touch of style to your avian friends.

Ideal for Various Bird Breeds:

Our Precision-Engraved Aluminum Avian ID Rings are suitable for a broad range of birds. Whether you're managing a breeding program, participating in avian research, or simply keeping birds as cherished pets, these rings provide a reliable way to maintain individual records.

Customizable and Reliable:

Choose the details you want to be engraved on each ring to keep track of your birds effectively. The high-quality engraving ensures that details remain legible over time, making these rings a dependable choice for long-term use.

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