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This kind of pigeon rings will fit to:
Bokhara Trumpeter, English Trumpeter, Saxon Crescent, Saxon Fields (Breast, Monk, Priest, Reverswing, Shield, Spot, Stork, Whitetail)  Schmalkaldener Mohrenkopf, Fairy Swallow, Silesian Swallow, Dutch Cropper, Hana Pouter, Ghent Pouter, Pomeranian Pouter, Reverswing Pouter, Old Dutch Tumbler.

- monolithic, made of high quality technical plastics
- strength and resistance to acids and alkalis
- finely rounded edges and smooth surfaces, a-traumatic
- excellent, bright colors, UV stabilized
- sharper laser marking

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Tags: plastic, 13mm, yellow, green, red, blue, black, white, grey