Minimum product order 50
This kind of pigeon rings will fit to:
Fantail, Fantail Lace/Saddle/Tailmark, Syrian Fantail, Jacobin, Altenberg Trumpeter, Old Dutch Capuchine, Mookee, Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl, African Owl, Turbit, Syrian Turbiteen (Barbarisi), Chinese Owl, Old German Owl, Bavette CL, Thuringen Field Pigeons (Breast, Monk, Moulter, Shield, Spot, Stork, Whitetail), Thuringen Swallow, South German Field CL, Gimpel, Hyacinth, Ice Pigeon Clean Legged, Nuremburg Lark, Starling, Australian Suabian, Danish Suabian, Swallow Clean Legged, Polish Barb, Egyptian Swift, Syrian Swift, Syrian Tarbesh, Damascene, Racing Homer Show Type, Flown Racers, Czech Ice Pouter, Holle Cropper, Pigmy Pouter, Valencian Pouter, Voorburg Shield Cropper, Marchenero Cropper, Gaditano Pouter, Berlin LF Tumbler, Danish Tumbler, Rzhev Startail Tumbler, Shaksharli Tumbler, Brunswick Beard, Hanover Beard , Domestic Show Flight, Medium Faced Helmet Plain Head and Crested, Komorner Tumblers, Magpie, Nun, Australian Performing Tumbler, High Flyers (Danzig, Budapest, Arad, Serbian), Cumulet, Australian Saddleback Tumbler Clean Leg, Show Birmingham Roller, Stargard Shaker, Australian Exhibition Flying Tippler, Show Tippler, Russian Gruwunni, Szegediner Tumbler, Donek, Oriental Roller, Kaluga Tumbler.

- solid, made of quality aluminum alloy
- finely rounded edges and smooth surfaces
- excellent, bright colors
- sharper and easy reading laser marking

Tags: aluminium, 8mm, yellow, green, red, blue, black, purple, grey